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Madden 19 Franchise: How to Relocate Your Team


Madden 19 Franchise: How to Relocate Your Team

How to Relocate Your Team in Madden 19 Franchise

Wondering how to relocate your team in Madden 19’s Franchise mode? Here’s how to pull it off.

As an owner in Madden 19’s franchise mode, keeping track of your team’s finances and the stadium you play in is an important factor for success. You have to consider things beyond just your team’s wins and losses. In Madden 19, like in previous years, an option you have to improve the finances of your team is to relocate the team into a new city and stadium entirely.

To relocate in Madden 19, you must play the game in Owner mode. By playing in Owner mode instead of Coach or Player, you’ll have access to the full breadth of team micromanagement options, from relocating the team to controlling concessions and sales.

To start the process, go to “My Owner” in the Manage section of Franchise Mode. From there, go to Stadium, and you’ll see the option to either upgrade, rebuild, or relocate your team. Obviously, for the purpose of this guide, you’re going to want to relocate.

The process doesn’t start right away. You have to wait a few weeks for the game to determine if your team is eligible to relocate. For example. if you’re a team that just got a new stadium, you’re not going to be successful in relocating, it is possible to fail. Make sure you sim one week at a time and check the Stadium section each week to check on the progress and look in Things to Do for the notification.

The easiest way to succeed in moving a team is to pick a team that has an old stadium, or if you insist on relocating a specific one regardless of their current stadium situation, fast forward many years into the future and let the stadium get outdated. This is a reality of sports that is shown in Madden 19. Owners move teams because they want to upgrade the stadium and can’t get funds in their current city to build a new one.

Once you start the process, you’ll be able to choose from a number of different cities that are eligible for a team. You’ll choose a city, and have the option to select a new nickname and a color scheme that will represent your new team.

That does it for how to relocate in Madden 19’s Franchise mode. If there’s something that still unclear, leave us a comment and we can see if we can help you out. Also be sure to read Guide Wiki for more FAQs answered.

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