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Fortnite: All Flaming Hoops Locations


Fortnite: All Flaming Hoops Locations

All Flaming Hoops Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite is back with another slew of challenges for players to complete. For the Week 4 challenge, players will have to try their hand at the Flaming Hoop Jump challenge which, as the name implies, is all about soaring through some burning red rings. That said, if you’re having trouble finishing this Fortnite Week 4 challenge, here’s where you can find all of the Flaming Hoops in the game.

Before anything else, it’s worth noting that you should probably bring an ATK along before attempting to jump through the hoops. A shopping cart is fine, but the ATK ramps up speed and gives you that real daredevil experience when leaping through these Flaming Hoops in Fortnite. There are five hoops scattered around the map, and you’ll need to jump through all of them by using the ramp in each location.

  • Paradise Palms (H7): You can find one of the Flaming Hoops at the Northwest of Paradise Palms. Right where the desert biome meets the grass, you should see a bridge hanging over a ravine. Head south towards the bridge and make your way down the hill to see the ramp and the Flaming Hoop atop a stone.
  • Flush Factory (D8): Look for a mountain the north of flush factory and start heading west. You should come across a slope that leads to the Shift Shafts, where you’ll also see a ramp and one of the Flaming Hoops for the challenge.
  • Snobby Shore (A5): Head southwest of the southernmost house in Snobby Shore to find the ramp and Fortnite Flaming Hoop.
  • Lazy Links (E3): Head to the south of Lazy Links until you come across an ice cream truck with a hoop sitting right on top of it.
  • Lazy Links (E3): The final Flaming Hoop in Fortnite is located to the west of Lazy Links, where you’ll find an umbrella-shaped hole. Head to the umbrella’s handle to find the ramp and one of the Flaming Hoops.

Following these locations will lead you to the Flaming Hoops in Fortnite. For more help on the other Week 4 challenges, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 5 wiki.

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