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Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 Challenge: All Rift Spawn Locations


Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 Challenge: All Rift Spawn Locations

Fortnite: All Rift Spawn Locations

Week 8 of Season 5 is upon us and with that comes another round of challenges that Free and Battle Pass players can take on to build up their progress. One of the Battle Pass challenges this week is to user a rift at 10 different spawn locations throughout the map. Where can you find these rifts? Let’s break it down.

Paradise Palms

  • [Latitude 905, Longitude 1895] This first rift you can find in front of an abandoned building in the northeast corner of Paradise Palms.
  • [Latitude 856, Longitude 1700] You will find the second rift surrounded by cacti in the desert area to the west of the first rift.
  • [Latitude 629, Longitude 1614] South of the second rift, you will find this one between palm trees by a road.
  • [Latitude 617, Longitude 1468] Sitting pretty on the west edge of Paradise Palms, right behind a little oasis.
  • [Latitude 312, Longitude 1291] Directly south of the fourth rift, you’ll find this one sitting south of the truck and house.
  • [Latitude 269, Longitude 1526] You’ll find this rift in the abandoned town in the southern region of the desert biome.
  • [Latitude 224, Logitude 1653] You’ll find this rift by the waterfall on the southern coast of Paradise Palms.

Risky Reels

  • [Latitude 1772, Longitude 1709] This right you’ll find in the northern coast of the map in Risky Reels.

Lonely Lodge

  • [Latitude 1247, Longitude 1679] This right is right by the Easter Island head on top of the hill in Lonely Lodge.

Dusty Divot

  • [Latitude 1144, Longitude 1091] In the valley west of the Dusty Divot, you’ll find a rift.

Shifty Shafts

  • [Latitude 681, Longitude 939] You will see this rift by a trail at near the edge of the Shifty Shafts.

Pleasant Park

  • [Latitude 757, Longitude 1457] Head east of Pleasant Park to find this rift.

Greasy Grove

  • [Latitude 526, Longitude 893] North of Greasy Grove you find a rift hanging out by an Easter Island head.

Junk Junction

  • [Latitude 537, Longitude 1729] Northwest corner of the map to the west of Junk Junction you will find a rift hanging under a tree.

Snobby Shores

  • [Latitude 976, Longitude 350] Looking to the east of Snobby Shores you will find a rift by the base of a mountain.

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