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Best Conan Exiles Mods You Can’t Play Without


Best Conan Exiles Mods You Can’t Play Without

Barbarians, unite! It’s time to jump into the brutal wilderness and see what kind of insane Conan Exiles mods the community has come up with. Here are the best Conan Exiles mods you absolutely cannot play without!

Note, this list of Conan Exiles mods will contain some adult themes and NSFW content. Bonus points if you pick the exact point where that begins!

The Age of Calamitous

Best Conan Exiles Mods

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It can be hard getting your name out there as an indie developer. With so many projects flooding the market these days, how can you spread awareness for your project in a way that doesn’t inflate your advertising budget to impossible heights?

Maybe you can look to Anarious Productions for inspiration: this team created an entire mod for Conan Exiles based on characters and lore from their upcoming book and game series, The Age of Calamitous.

The mod adds a bevy of new resources and locations and has proven wildly popular with the Conan Exiles community, and in turn, this promotes the source material as it onto the next stage of development.

That seems like a dastardly good plan, and they deserve commendation not only for creating a stellar mod but for thinking outside the box on the promotion front.

The mod works especially well in tandem with the game’s subsequent Jewel of the West expansion

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