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The 6 Best DLC From This Generation That Were Worth Every Pretty Penny


The 6 Best DLC From This Generation That Were Worth Every Pretty Penny

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Champion’s Ballad

6 Best Pieces of DLC From This Generation So Far


Breath of the Wild was our Game of the Year for 2017. It was the complete package, filled with tens and hundreds of hours of gameplay to keep fans busy, and if there was a game this generation that did not need any DLC, one could certainly argue that it was BotW. It was surprising then to see how well-received the DLC for BotW was. While the Master Trials gave hardcore players something to work towards, The Champions’ Ballad wound up being the proper send off for players that needed that one final story-driven challenge.

It featured new shrines that will send you to all corners of the map. The competition was stiff, since what was in the game was already great, but they ended up being among the, if not the best in the game. It culminates into a final dungeon, and an epic boss fight that forces you to put together all the skills you picked up throughout a near 100-hour journey.

Champion’s Ballad was a full spread of dessert that followed the main course that was the original game. You didn’t need to play it, but if you felt satisfied with what you accomplished in the base adventure, and was looking for something else, something more than just things to do, Champion’s Ballad delivered on all fronts. Especially on the front of: give Link a kick-ass motorcycle.

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