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Is No Man’s Sky Xbox One X Enhanced?


Is No Man’s Sky Xbox One X Enhanced?

Is No Man’s Sky Xbox One X Enhanced?

No Man’s Sky had a lot of hype when it released back in 2016, and while it delivered in some aspects, it simply didn’t in other areas. Developer Hello Games is looking to directly address criticisms with their NEXT update, however, adding some much-requested features, while also releasing No Man’s Sky on Xbox One for the very first time. Of course, with the game coming to Xbox One there’s the classic question of will it have Xbox One X enhancements. Luckily, the answer to that is yes.

No Man’s Sky will be able to display in 4K Ultra HD and use HDR on Xbox One X, and it’ll come with other enhancements as well like higher quality and steadier framerates. Now you can explore the universe in crisp 4K visuals, making for an even better experience.

No Man’s Sky’s NEXT update is what really adds a ton of new content and features into the game. Full multiplayer, by far the most requested feature by fans, is finally making its way into the game. Now you can team up with a group of friends, or even random strangers, to explore planets, make discoveries, build bases, and even take to the skies to battle it out in space. Base building has also been hugely expanded upon, now letting you construct bases anywhere that you want instead of on specific areas, even underwater and underground. Other changes bring improvement to the way planets are procedurally generated and presented, and there’s also an option to assemble a fleet of your own ships to send out on missions.

That’s all there is for whether No Man’s Sky is Xbox One X enhanced. For more tips and guides on No Man’s Sky NEXT, be sure to check out our wiki.

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