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No Man’s Sky Next Price: How Much it Costs to Buy


No Man’s Sky Next Price: How Much it Costs to Buy

How Much is No Man’s Sky Next?

No Man’s Sky is the ambitious game that gives you an entire universe to explore, letting you discover brand new planets, creatures, and resources in the process. The game’s ambition may have been a bit too much when it originally released in 2016, and developer Hello Games didn’t quite deliver on fans’ expectations. Hello Games is looking to rectify many of those issues in their “Next” update. Of course, with the game coming to Xbox One, many players will be wondering just how much No Man’s Sky Next is, and the answer to that depends on how you’re playing.

No Man’s Sky Next is launching for the first time on Xbox One with the Next update, so any copy of the game will automatically include it. At the moment an Xbox One copy of the game is running $49.99 pretty much everywhere, but if you have Amazon Prime you can get the 20 percent off pre-order and bump it down to $41.99. Next is actually a completely free update for the base game. This means that if you already own No Man’s Sky on PS4 or PC, the Next content will be added on as long as you’re downloading the most recent update when it releases on July 24.

The massive update adds a much-requested full multiplayer experience that’ll allow players to team up with their friends or random players to explore together. Base building has also been overhauled, now letting you construct a base anywhere instead of specific locations, including underwater and underground. Other changes improve upon the way planets are procedurally generated and give you the ability to put together a fleet of starships to send on missions.

For more help on No Man’s Sky Next, make sure to search Twinfinite. If you’re just starting out in the game, make sure to take a look at our wiki guide to learn all the ins and outs.

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