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No Man’s Sky NEXT: Where the Mission Board Is


No Man’s Sky NEXT: Where the Mission Board Is

Where the Mission Board Is in No Man’s Sky NEXT

With the brand new NEXT update in No Man’s Sky, money is a little harder to come by if you’re not actively searching for ruins. However, if you’re keen on picking up some optional quests and missions for the NPCs you meet while traveling across the galaxy, this could be a good way to earn some extra units. Every time you reach a new star system, head to the space station and interact with the mission board.

The mission board itself isn’t actually an object. You’ll have to head upstairs in the space station, and look for the NPC alien sitting behind a counter and talk to them. This will then bring up a list of quests and missions that you can take on, and their nature will vary depending on what race they are. On the mission board, you’ll see a list of quest names, their requirements, as well as the rewards you get for completing them. Aside from units, you can also obtain valuable or rare resources, so they’re definitely worth doing if you can spare the time.

If you’ve got a Freighter, you can also head up to the circular command center and interact with the holographic table in the center for a separate set of missions. These are a little tougher, and usually revolve around space combat and fighting. These also offer a ton of rewards in terms of units and resources, but we don’t recommend taking them on until your ship’s a little tougher. Similar to the mission board in the space stations, you’ll also see the requirements for each quest and their respective rewards.

Be sure to check our wiki for more information on No Man’s Sky and the NEXT update.

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