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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Mark Points of Interest


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Mark Points of Interest

How to Mark Points of Interest in No Man’s Sky NEXT

No Man’s Sky NEXT adds a plethora of minor and major multiplayer-focused gameplay changes. This includes game-changing tweaks such as enabling players to embark on missions as a group and base build with friends to something as simple as marking points of interest for your entire party. Arguably, marking points of interest is one of the more important things to learn from the get-go if you want to have a more pleasant experience exploring the game’s vast planets. So, how do you mark points of interest in No Man’s Sky NEXT?

Marking points of interest for all your friends to see can be done by simply using your analysis visor in No Man’s Sky NEXT. Marking points of interest with your analysis visor is a great way to set short-term goals and indicate to your friends where you want to go next. This makes it easy to signal to everyone in your party your intended destination so they can rush quickly on-foot, with land-based vehicles, or via their exocraft. You open your Analysis Visor by holding L2/LT, and you mark a position by pressing square/X.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to revisit an area, you should consider placing a custom waypoint. Doable in the vanilla version and the NEXT update, custom waypoints can be created by opening the analysis visor and scanning at a structure that you want to mark. Do note that custom waypoints can only be placed on intelligent structures, such as buildings. Doing this places a small white dot that stays in place for an indefinite amount of time even if you leave the planet. This is highly useful if you’re hoping to find your way back to your base or a particular area you want to explore.

For a permanent marker, you should use a Beacon. To place a Beacon, simply open the build menu and install it at an area that you want to revisit.

Make sure to check our ever-expanding wiki for more tips and guides for No Man’s Sky NEXT.

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