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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Chromatic Metal


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Get Chromatic Metal

Getting Chromatic Metal in No Man’s Sky NEXT

Chromatic Metal is one of the new resources introduced in the No Man’s Sky NEXT update, which has just been released for consoles and PC. If you want to get started on your base-building efforts, you’ll need some of this. However, before you can actually craft it, you need a portable refiner, which should be pretty easy to craft.

A portable refiner can be crafted anywhere on a planet in No Man’s Sky, and you only need Oxygen and Metal Plating. Oxygen can be found on every planet, and Metal Platings can be crafted easily from your inventory with some basic materials. If you started a fresh game for the NEXT update, you should get a mission to craft a refiner as you complete more objectives as well. After you’ve got your refiner up and running, you’ll then need some metals to create your Chromatic Metal. If you have Cadmium, Copper, Iridium, or Emeril, you’ll be able to put these into the refiner itself and create the Metal. Once you have your metals inside, use any fuel to power up the refiner and you’ll get your Chromatic Metal in no time.

Even if you loaded up an older save file in No Man’s Sky, you’ll still be able to craft your refiner and get the Chromatic Metal by following the steps above. However, the game doesn’t really walk you through the process, so it might be better to start a fresh save and see what’s new in the NEXT update.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about getting Chromatic Metal in the game. For more information on No Man’s Sky and the new NEXT update, be sure to check our wiki.

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