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No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Build Fleet Command Room


No Man’s Sky NEXT: How to Build Fleet Command Room

How to Build Fleet Command Room in No Man’s Sky NEXT

Freighters have been a part of No Man’s Sky since the Atlas Rises update, but the game’s most recent expansion, NEXT, adds the ability to command an entire fleet of ships from their bridge. Players can now command up to 50 Frigates from the bridge of their Freighter via a special Sky Fleet Command Room. This is a room that needs to be built. Indeed, when you boot NEXT for the first time, you’ll discover that your old freighter base is gone. So here’s how to build a Fleet Command Room in No Man’s Sky NEXT.

In your new Freighter, you should see a prompt for a build menu, which lists the Fleet Command room as an option. This requires some new materials to construct, though. This should work in Normal and Survival mode.

The issue that seems to be causing players a problem, however, is when playing No Man’s Sky NEXT in Creative mode. Players are having difficulties finding the Sky Fleet Command Room on their Freighter, and it seems this is a bug specific to that mode. Hello Games has since acknowledged the issue and have reported via Twitter that they are working on a patch to fix it.

“First hotfix patch is in experimental on Steam and GoG. Patches for PS4 and Xbox are working their way through Cert.” Patch download.

The patch notes list “Fixed an issue where players were unable to build Frigate Terminals in Creative Mode.”

So there you have it, Hello Games is hard at work fixing the issue pertaining to the Fleet Command Room in No Man’s Sky’s Creative mode. Other modes simply require you to explore the build menu, which can be accessed by pressing Up on the directional pad when playing on a console, or by pressing X on your keyboard when playing PC.

Check out Twinfinite’s wiki page for more guides.

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