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Mega Man X: How to Get Hadouken


Mega Man X: How to Get Hadouken

How to Get Hadouken in Mega Man X

It’s one of the most iconic attacks in gaming, and if you needed another reason why X was the best Mega Man model of all time (fight me), he can even pull off the trademark technique of the Shotokan warriors. The Hadouken ability is hidden away in an obscure corner of the Armored Armadillo stage in Mega Man X, and you will have to fulfill a few prerequisites before you can acquire it. First, you must have collected all other upgrade capsules, heart tanks and sub tanks, and beaten all bosses prior to Sigma in Mega Man X. Consider the Hadouken almost endgame content, if you will.

Once you’ve managed all of that, progress through the Armored Armadillo stage until you near its end. Climb aboard the last cart (the one that takes you out of the cavern and flies through the air before the boss’ lair), and as it begins to descend, jump onto the wall and climb onto the ledge. You will have to time it well for a clean landing, though it is possible – albeit cumbersome – to reach the ledge if you misjudge your opportunity.

Collect the health capsule on the ledge. From here, you can either exit the level and start the process from the beginning, or better still, jump to your death in the pit below to return to one of the midway markers. Repeat this process a few more times, and on the fifth run, an upgrade capsule will appear on the ledge. It will only be there if you reach the cliff with full health, so keep that in mind. Clamber on in, and the Hadouken is yours in Mega Man X! Use Hadoken in Mega Man X by inputting the quarter circle turn command from Street Fighter, then shoot. It only works when you are at full health, but it will be a OHKO on almost every boss in Mega Man X, which is the most disheartening sight since Shadow Man got stooged by that lame Top Spin ability.

And that’s all you need to know to get the Hadouken in Mega Man XFor more tips, tricks and hints on Mega Man X, as well as other games both classic and new, stick right here with the team on Twinfinite!

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