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GTA V: How to Get Missions


GTA V: How to Get Missions

How to Get Missions in GTA V

GTA V released back in 2013 for the Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Later it was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC with new additions and took advantage of these more powerful consoles. To this day, GTA V is constantly among the best-selling games each month. Constant updates and new additions to the GTA Online mode have kept players around for over five years now and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Progressing through GTA V is done by completing a series of missions, both in the story and in the GTA Online mode, but how exactly do you get these missions?

In GTA V’s campaign, there is a total of 69 missions the player must complete in order to complete the game. When player’s begin GTA V’s campaign, they will have to complete a prologue sequence in which main characters Michael and Trevor are in the middle of a high-stakes bank robbery. After player’s complete this sequence and watch a few cutscenes they will be brought to Los Santos, the game’s open-world filled with missions, side-quests, and the lifeblood of GTA V. After this, player’s will have access to the next set of missions as well as the online mode. To get and start missions in GTA V’s single-player, simply look for the colored markers on your map and travel here.

How to Get Missions in GTA V: Online

When players log-in to GTA Online for the first time they will be prompted to make a character and go through a tutorial section which explains the different activities to do in this mode. After completing the tutorial section of the game, players will have access to deathmatches, racing, robbing stores, jobs from Lamar.

These jobs from Lamar will happen mostly via random phone calls that players will receive until they level up past 4 and then will have access to more frequent activities. Once players accrue enough cash they can buy an apartment and begin to plan heists which take a crew of four players, but have the biggest payouts available in the game.

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