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5 Anime Like Hundred if You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Anime Like Hundred if You’re Looking for Something Similar

Among the sea of anime about super-powered teens, few execute the concept as well as Hundred can. Telling the tale of chosen individuals taking up the fight against the Savages, strange creatures who have staged an all out attack on Earth, it weaves an entertaining experience of camaraderie, action, and sacrifice with the best of them. Despite the wealth of source material available though, there are only 12 episodes available for viewing, making for a high chance of needing new shows to sate the void left after the final episode. To that end, we’ve got five series to watch if you’re looking for something similar.

Accel World

A victim of bullying and ridicule in the real world, junior high student Haruyuki Arita has always found an escape in video games, honing his skills to a fine point in the process. Through this, he gains the attention of Kuroyukihime, one of his school’s most popular students and a player in Brain Burst, an augmented reality MMO fighting game which offers its victors real life augmentations and abilities. Together, they strive to reach the highest ranks of Brain Burst, meet the creator of the game, and uncover the reason for its creation.

A fun mix of daily school life shenanigans and action-packed sci-fi fantasy battles, Accel World has plenty to love for those willing to stick it out. For all of its flaws, there are pulse-pounding battles, an engaging story, and a cast of characters you’ll learn to love.

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