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Vampyr: How to Get Treatment for Neuralgia (Recipe)


Vampyr: How to Get Treatment for Neuralgia (Recipe)

How to Get Treatment for Neuralgia in Vampyr

In Vampyr, Dr. Reid is in a difficult position: he’s both a doctor and a vampire, and so even though he craves the blood of humans, he feels compelled to cure them from illness, too. You will, therefore, need to craft medications from various recipes to cure the city’s population of various afflictions. These range from the common cold to ailments such as neuralgia. You can craft these medicines from your workbench, located in each of Reid’s hideouts across the city. Yet finding the recipe in the first place can be a bit tricky, particularly in the case of three specific illnesses, and especially if you’ve made a certain choice during one of the game’s early quests. Here’s how to find the ‘treatment for neuralgia’ in Vampyr.

Spoiler Warning

There are two ways to get the recipe to craft ‘treatment for neuralgia’ in Vampyr, but the easiest is to spare Nurse Crane’s life during one of the game’s key early decisions. Feeding on nurse Crane or convincing her to stay put at the dispensary (a special third dialogue option) will condemn her to death, and that means you won’t be able to trade with her for the rest of the game. If you spare Nurse Crane’s life, she becomes an illegal vendor of black market medical goods. And, you guessed it, she has the recipe to craft ‘treatment for neuralgia’.

You can still get the treatment if you do opt for that more bloodthirsty option, though. The treatment for Neuralgia can be found on a dead body just to your lefthand side as you exit the cemetery in Whitechapel. You’ll first be able to get it after you attend Mary’s funeral.

That’s how to get the treatment for a neuralgia in Vampyr. For more information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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