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Vampyr: How to Get Treatment for Headache (Recipe)


Vampyr: How to Get Treatment for Headache (Recipe)

How to Get Treatment for Headache in Vampyr

In Vampyr, though you’re a newly turned ‘Ekon’ thirsty for blood, you’re also still a doctor, and so a big part of your role in London is to make sure of the continued health of its population. Beyond just the Spanish Flu, the NPCs around each borough are liable to contract different conditions, with everything from fatigue to a headache threatening their health. The recipe to craft each treatment can be accessed from the workbench in any of Reid’s hideouts, but obtaining some of the treatments is harder than others.

As part of the main story, you’ll actually obtain most of the recipes for each treatment as you explore the morgue behind the Pembroke Hospital. They’re on the very bottom floor of that building (you’ll battle a Skal down there before you can retrieve them). But there are three treatments you won’t find: headache, migraine, and Neuralgia.

Spoiler Warning

The easiest way to obtain the headache cure is to make the ‘correct’ choice during one of the story’s early key decisions: whether the spare or embrace (kill) Nurse Crane at the Whitechapel Dispensary. If you choose to kill nurse Crane, or if you’ve unlocked the third option to convince her to stay at the dispensary, her death will prevent you from purchasing the treatments from her. Keeping her alive as a business partner will see her remain at Whitechapel as a vendor of medical goods. You’re best to spare her life and keep her as a merchant if you’re interested in keeping London’s inhabitants free from illness.

That said, you can still get the treatment if you do decide to embrace Nurse Crane. It’s located on a dead body just to the lefthand side as you exit the cemetery in Whitechapel. You’ll first be able to find it after you’ve attended Mary’s funeral.

That’s all you need to know on how to get the treatment for a headache in Vampyr. For more information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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