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Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Nurse Crane?


Vampyr: Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Nurse Crane?

Should You Spare or Embrace (Kill) Nurse Crane in Vampyr?

Vampyr will give you some pretty crappy decisions to make. While it’s obvious that you have to kill those vampire hunters chasing you down at every possible moment, some of the other NPCs you come across are a little trickier to figure out. Nurse Crane is the first major NPC you’ll have a tough choice to make regarding. You’ll have the choice to either spare her or embrace your vampiric desires and kill her by feeding on her blood. While there are obvious pros and cons to each, you might be wondering which action you should choose to do in Vampyr.

Nurse Crane is a particularly difficult character to deal with in Vampyr. You’ll have three options (though you may think there’s only two at first) to choose from, so we’ll run you through what happens with each one.

Spoiler Warning

Embrace (Kill) Nurse Crane in Vampyr

By doing this, you’ll get a hefty amount of XP, but you won’t have access to the cures for a migraine, headache, and neuralgia straight away (Nurse Crane sells them). Instead, you’ll have to wait until the main story quest in which you attend your sister Mary’s funeral. After leaving the cemetery, you’ll see a body on the left-hand side that can be looted for the treatments.

Beyond just the whole moral dilemma of chomping poor Nurse Crane for XP, there’s another reason not to Embrace her: doing so may cause an apocalyptic event in Whitechapel that sees much the borough’s population killed. Given that they rely on Nurse Crane for medical care, that shouldn’t entirely surprising. Interestingly, though, a third option (listed below) which has Nurse Crane also perish does not produce this same result.

Spare Nurse Crane in Vampyr

If you see yourself as a merciful vampire, this might be the option you want to go for in Vampyr. By doing this, Nurse Crane will be forced to resign from the hospital, but fortunately, will remain in Whitechapel as an illegal dispensary of medication. Nurse Crane will sell you the cures for headaches, migraines, and neuralgia, as well as other key ingredients you might need during the later stages of the game.

Put an End to Nurse Crane’s Blackmailing in Vampyr

If neither of the two previous options tickled your fancy, there is another choice you can make in Vampyr. By exploring all of the dialog branches with the character, you’ll be able to convince Nurse Crane to just stop the blackmailing and remain a nurse at the hospital.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t go very well at all. As soon as Jonathan moves away from the building, she’ll be bitten by Skals, contract the Skal disease, and turn into a raving lunatic. You won’t get as much XP from killing her in this state, and you also won’t get the recipes for the cures, either. As such, we strongly recommend sparing Nurse Crane in Vampyr.

Note: Just as with the option to Embrace Nurse Crane, you can still obtain the cures to brain-related illnesses (headache, migraine, neuralgia) frdead bodyeadbody in the Whitechapel cemetery later in the game.

And that’s how things can go in Vampyr depending on what choice you make when confronted with Nurse Crane. For more on the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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