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Vampyr: How to Get More Stamina


Vampyr: How to Get More Stamina

How to Get More Stamina in Vampyr

The action role-playing game Vampyr from Dontnod entertainment puts players in the shoes of Johnathan Reid, a doctor in London during the Spanish Flu epidemic who has turned into a vampire. Vampyr offers the ability to handle situations how you seem fit, will you choose to uphold the Hippocratic oath you took as a doctor, or will you become a creature of the night? Feeding on prey will not only replenish your strength, but will also give you the power to level up and gain new abilities. How will you come to terms with your new nightlife and increase your stamina?

To increase your stamina, which will be much needed as the game progresses, simply spend your experience points on stamina when you rest in your bed. Experience is gained mostly from killing your prey, but can also be acquired through completing your objectives. Going the pacifist route will be more difficult because of the lower experience gain, but offers a different challenge. So if you’re serious about upgrading your stamina your best bet is to hunt your enemies and fully embrace the Vampire inside of you.

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