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Vampyr: Missing Ingredients Investigation Guide


Vampyr: Missing Ingredients Investigation Guide

Missing Ingredients Investigation Guide in Vampyr

Vampyr casts you as doctor Jonathan E. Reid, who’s recently returned to London from the front of World War I. After being turned into a vampire, Jonathan takes a job at Pembroke hospital to give him somewhere to hide, and help in his investigation as to what really happened to him. There are a number of investigations that you can undertake while at the hospital by talking to different characters, and Missing Ingredients is just one of those. This investigation is started by talking to Dr. Thoreau Strickland about his resource shortages, and it’s recommended you be around level 12-15 before you undertake it.

After getting the Missing Ingredients investigation in Vampyr, make sure to go into your menu and track it, then head to the point specified on the map. You’ll need to fight a Skal by the name of H.G. Griffin there, who has the normal attacks of teleporting, creating a cone, and charging at you. Just make sure to keep your health up and dodge, and the boss should go down without too much trouble. Once the fight is over, search Griffin’s body and retrieve Dr. Strickland’s letter. Return it to Dr. Strickland to inform him about his supplier’s untimely demise, and you should be able to agree to help create the experimental medicine. Now you’ll need to go about and collect the ingredients; one unit of hypochlorite, one unit of potassium permanganate, and six units of ferrous tartrate.

It’s likely that you’ll already have some, if not all, of the missing ingredients already in your inventory. However, if you don’t happen to have some, you can find everything by searching the hospital, or by buying it from a merchant. Once you have all of the missing ingredients, head up to Jonathan’s office and interact with his desk to make the medicine. Now you’re presented with a choice, you can return to Dr. Strickland and give him the placebo medicine, or you can report his actions to Dr. Ackroyd. It’s completely up to you whatever you want to do, and the choice won’t majorly affect the outcome of things in Vampyr. If you do choose to give Strickland the medicine, he’ll give you a key to go put it in his office cabinet. Once you’ve made your choice and seen it out, the Missing Ingredients investigation will be complete.

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