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Vampyr: Is There Splitscreen Co-Op Multiplayer?


Vampyr: Is There Splitscreen Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Splitscreen Co-Op Multiplayer in Vampyr?

Vampyr, the latest game from Dontnod Entertainment, is set in London during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Players fill the shoes of recently turned Vampire Dr. Johnathan Reid as he struggles to come to terms with his new inner conflict. The choice to either embrace the life of a Vampire or try and keep a moral compass as a human forms a key theme throughout the game. These decisions will drive players to make decisions that will have consequences throughout their time in London, but what if you want to experience this story in splitscreen co-op with a friend?

Vampyr will not offer any sort of splitscreen co-op as it is a single-player experience, so people looking to be vampires with their friends are not going to find that here. No word has been given on if there will be any sort of splitscreen co-op or other multiplayer added in the future, or at all in this case. Maybe in the future as DLC, but for now Vampyr is a strictly single-player game. The choice is up to you on what kind of person Dr. Johnathan Reid will become after gaining his newfound power, what will you choose?

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