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Vampyr: What the Install Size Is


Vampyr: What the Install Size Is

What the Install Size Is For Vampyr

Vampyr is a complete change of pace for developers Dontnod. From Life Is Strange’s high school drama to Vampyr’s action mystery. Instead of turning back time, you’ll be sucking the blood out of your enemies. If this all piques your interest, you’ll probably be thinking about diving into the action, but first you’ll need to clear your system to fit Vampyr’s install size onto your hard drive.

It’s a really dark game, needless to say. And it’s also pretty darn difficult. Depending on your choices, that is. If you’re going around sucking the blood off of any ol’ healthy citizens, you’ll have an easier time because that’s how you get a ton of XP. If you’ve got a conscience, though, you’re going to have quite a bit of trouble during battle.

If you’re looking to download it digitally, keep in mind that its install size is 14.22 GB. That’s not as much as usual, big games, so it’s completely manageable. You likely won’t have to remove any apps you already have installed to play this.

Keep in mind also that the game costs $59.99 and is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam. Three different ways to play the role of Jonathan Reid in his quest for revenge on those that made him a vampire.

That’s all there is to Vampyr’s install size! If you need any other information on the game, let us know down below our search the site for answers! For more on Vampyr, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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