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Vampyr: How to Heal Aggravated Damage


Vampyr: How to Heal Aggravated Damage

How to Heal Aggravated Damage in Vampyr

Vampyr is a far cry from Dontnod’s previous games, the likes of Life is Strange and Remember Me. This time around, the game is a semi-open world RPG with action-oriented combat. Vampyr tells the story of Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor in 1918 London, who is turned into a vampire against his will. Combat in Vampyr can be pretty complex, letting you use makeshift weapons and a number of vampiric abilities to take down enemies. Of course, there’s also plenty of tricks said enemies have to take you down, and different threats will occur during battle. One of these threats is Aggravated Damage, which is basically damage that happens whenever someone spews disease onto you, or you’re hit by sunlight or incendiary shells.

Aggravated Damage attacks reduce your max HP and, in some cases, continually drain it for about 3-5 seconds as well. Unfortunately, the only way to heal this damage is to just ride it out and heal yourself. Keep using your blood-to-health conversion ability with L1, or pop a serum to keep your health up while it drains. Of course, you’ll actually need blood in order to use the conversion ability.

Keep an eye out for things that can cause Aggravated Damage as it can quickly turn a simple fight into a life-ending one.

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