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Vampyr: How to Improve Blood Quality & What it Is


Vampyr: How to Improve Blood Quality & What it Is

How to Improve Blood Quality & What it Is in Vampyr

As Dr. Jonathan Reid in Vampyr, you’ll not only have to deal with facing off against Vampyr hunters as you get accustomed to your life as a blood-sucker, but you’ll also need to do your best to help the citizens of 1918 London recover from the various ailments they’re suffering from. As a Vampyr, you’ll be able to see the blood quality of the many different citizens walking around. While some are perfectly healthy with great blood quality perfect for drinking, others will have poor blood. Here’s what you need to know to improve this and what it actually means.

Blood quality in Vampyr is actually pretty important. As you earn XP from biting and sucking the blood of citizens, there’s a direct correlation between blood quality and XP. Simply put, the better the blood quality, the more XP you’ll get from biting them and drinking their blood.

As such, you’ll want to do your best to heal NPCs before biting them, otherwise, you’re essentially missing out on easy XP that could go a long way in transforming Jonathan into a formidable Vampyr. Something that’ll make the combat a heck of a lot easier in the later stages of the game. In order to do so, you’ll first need to ascertain what ailment they’re suffering from, before returning to a safehouse and using the workbench to craft the corresponding cure if you haven’t been lucky enough to find one lying around already. Return to the NPC, provide them with the cure, and their blood quality should increase. Now, get those fangs ready!

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