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The Crew 2: What the Install Size Is


The Crew 2: What the Install Size Is

What the Install Size is for The Crew 2

Space is definitely a precious commodity on your console in the modern era. You’ve got all of your game save files, and your media data, and any other illicit content on there you’d rather not discuss, and you can scarcely afford to spare exorbitant amounts of hard drive.

You’ll be pleased to know then that The Crew 2 requires 26.89GB of data on the PS4 and approximately 24GB on Xbox One, which is a fairly reasonable amount. This makes it almost half the size of God of War (Kratos and his unique brand of shenanigans commanded a hefty 44.443GB), which is fairly unsurprising when one considers the scope of that title. With The Crew 2, you will still get to enjoy its beautiful visuals and sprawling world map without having to break the memory bank – so don’t worry, your secret downloads are safe and sound.

Speaking of enjoying, you’ll receive nothing but wonderful pleasure from taking a cheeky peek at our wiki for The Crew 2. It covers everything from the most basic of info right up to the more advanced tactics and techniques for the aspiring motorist. Twinfinite is your source for news, tips and tricks on all things gaming.

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