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The Crew 2: Is It Open World?


The Crew 2: Is It Open World?

Is The Crew 2 Open World?

The Crew 2 is the newest open world racing game developed by Ubisoft Ivory Tower, and it allows players to race around the United States on bike, car, boat, or plane. And if you’re wondering if the game is open world, well, yes.

The Crew 2’s map is pretty big, and you can literally drive from one end of the USA to the other in any vehicle of your choosing. Just like any open world game, there are also tons of activities you can engage in across the world. There are various races you can engage in, which will raise your number of followers and popularity rating, as well as other optional side objectives which can give you boosts and extra vehicle parts as well. Aside from just racing, the game is great for taking in the sights and participating in photo shoots for free money and street cred, so if you ever need a break from the high-intensity races, take some time to just drive around and see what the world has to offer. The world is open to you right from the very start, once you’ve completed the tutorial, so go wild.

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