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The Crew 2: Where the HQ Mailbox’s Location Is


The Crew 2: Where the HQ Mailbox’s Location Is

Where the HQ Mailbox’s Location Is in The Crew 2

The Crew 2 has you racing all manner of vehicles on land, water, and through the skies. You’ll have the entirety of the United States of America to explore at your leisure, be it alone or with friends. Of course, on your way to making yourself a big name in the racing world, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicles so you can keep up with the competition. That’s where loot comes in, and it’ll drop at the end of most races and events within The Crew 2’s world. Miss it, however, and you’ll be informed that the loot has been sent to the HQ mailbox. Problem is, it doesn’t actually tell you where the HQ mailbox’s location is in The Crew 2.

To find the HQ mailbox location in The Crew 2, you’re going to want to head to any of those ‘Family’ bases that are marked on your map with the large totem-looking icons. Press X on here if you’re on PS4, or A for your Xbox One players, and select the Enter option. Once inside, you’re looking for what looks like a cargo container just around the side. A small sign next to it will read ‘HQ Mailbox.’ Simply walk over to this and press X to interact with it.

Of course, the HQ mailbox isn’t always going to be in the same place in each of these headquarters for each of the racing families. As such, your best bet is to simply keep an eye out for the aforementioned sign, and look around the outskirts of the area. The HQ mailbox isn’t dead in the center and tends to be out of the way.

Now, you can get all of that loot that you’ve been forgetting to pick up and upgrade your vehicles to take on any challenge in your way.

That’s all you need to know to find the HQ mailbox location in the game. For more on The Crew 2, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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