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ARK Mobile: Is There Cross Play?


ARK Mobile: Is There Cross Play?

Is There Cross Play in ARK Mobile?

It’s hard to believe that the massive world of ARK: Survival Evolved could possibly be shrunk down into the tiny little handheld realm of your mobile device, but it definitely exists, and it is an admirable effort, considering the resources available.

As multiplayer interaction is a big component of the ARK series, any opportunity to play with as many people as possible is certainly appreciated, and that’s why it is fantastic to know that, yes indeed, ARK Mobile allows cross platform play between Android and iOS.

That being said, if you were feeling really hopeful and had some expectation that the game would be fully cross platform compatible with the home console editions as well, then that is most certainly not the case. Due to the strength of the hardware alone, this is simply impossible, as the games are practically incomparable.

Those who are hoping to share their portable ARK adventures will have to cross their fingers that the upcoming Switch version may have some form of cross platform compatibility. Stay tuned for a definitive answer on that one!

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