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Vampyr: Is It Xbox One X Enhanced?


Vampyr: Is It Xbox One X Enhanced?

Is Vampyr Xbox One X Enhanced?

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment (who brought us Remember Me and the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange), Vampyr is a brand new, third-person action RPG set in 1918 London. Players will take control of Jonathan Reid, a man who has turned into a vampire and wants to find out exactly what happened to him and who turned him in the first place. If you’re planning on getting the game on your Xbox One X, you’re probably wondering if it’s Xbox One X Enhanced.

The answer to that is a little confusing. Over on Microsoft’s website, the game has been listed as an Enhanced title. However, it does not have 4K or HDR support, so if you’re hoping for some graphical eye candy, we’re afraid you’re going to be disappointed here. From our time with the game, we also did not see any graphical or performance settings that we could fiddle around with in the menu. We’re guessing that ‘Enhanced’ simply means the game will run at a higher frame rate than most other titles, so it should perform well on your souped up console.

Be sure to check out our wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides on Vampyr.

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