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Subnautica: Where to Find Diamonds


Subnautica: Where to Find Diamonds

Where to Find Diamonds in Subnautica

Subnautica is a beautiful survival game that puts players in the depths of an ocean on an alien planet. To survive, you’ll have to go around and scavenge different materials and resources. You can use whatever items you find to craft tools, fix your base and submersibles, and even interact with the alien wildlife. That said, some players might be wondering where to find diamonds in the game. These precious minerals can be used to create items, such as the Laser Cutter.

To find the raw material, you’ll want to collect plenty of Shale Outcrops. Generally, you should travel to the Sea Trader’s Path and harvest as many outcrops you see. Luckily, there are Sea Treader Leviathans roaming around the area. This particular fauna has the ability to unearth Shale Outcrops, you shouldn’t have too much trouble looking for these ores.

You can also find some diamonds in their raw crystal form lying around on the seabed. Here’s a list of other biomes where diamonds might waiting for you:

  • Blood Kelp Zone
  • Blood Kelp Caves
  • Bulb Zone Caves
  • Crag Field
  • Deep Grand Reef
  • Grand Reef
  • Inactive Lava Zone
  • Inactive Lava Zone Corridor
  • Lost River
  • Mountains
  • Mountain Island
  • Mountain Range Caves
  • Mushroom Forest
  • Sea Treader’s Path
  • Underwater Islands
  • Underwater Islands Caves

For more tips and tricks in Subnautica, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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