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State of Decay 2: How to Choose a Leader


State of Decay 2: How to Choose a Leader

How to Choose a Leader in State of Decay 2

While your community of survivors doesn’t need a leader, it’ll certainly help to have someone lead the way and offer some guidance to your people. State of Decay 2 does allow you to choose a leader, but they’ll essentially need to prove themselves first.

Each member of your community has the potential to be a leader in State of Decay 2, as they’ll raise their standing within the community by scavenging resources, killing zombies, destroying Plague Hearts, and helping out other communities. They’ll go from Recruits to Citizens, and then from Citizens to Heroes. Any heroes you have in your State of Decay 2 community can be promoted to the leader position, but it’s worth noting that all heroes have bonuses to offer the group, so make sure you’re using all of your survivors to get all ‘dem bonuses.

When you’ve got a hero that you want to make your leader, press the View button and then use RB to navigate to the Community page. In the center of all of your characters, you’ll see the State of Decay 2 logo on the ground. Press A when you’ve got this highlighted and you’ll be able to select any of your heroes. Confirm your choice and that character will lead your community in the game.

Depending on their background, your leader will also have a unique facility that can be built at your base. These are incredibly powerful and will greatly help your efforts pushing back the Blood Plague, so don’t forget to build these as and when you have the option to.

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