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How to Play Along with Beat Shazam


How to Play Along with Beat Shazam

How to Play Along with Beat Shazam

Beat Shazam is a TV game show where players compete to identify songs they’re playing. At the end of it all, they go face-to-face with the Shazam app and try to guess the song faster than the app. The winner gets to take home the grand prize of $1 million. However, this show isn’t just about sitting and watching on the couch. Shazam is all about joining in on the fun by playing from the comfort of your own home.  That said, some viewers might be wondering how to play along with Beat Shazam.

Firstly, you’ll need to download the show’s official app on Google Play or the iOS App Store. This nifty app can actually recognize the audio from the show, so you won’t need to open any specific sections of the app. On top of that, the app was built to identify what episode you’re watching, so you can stream reruns on Hulu and still participate in that episode. When playing, you’ll be prompted with several choices on your phone screen, which you can then choose from.

It’s a quirky little way to play along with Beat Shazam if you’re a fan of game shows. For all things entertainment, make sure to search for Twinfinite.


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