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Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get Married


Harvest Moon Light of Hope: How to Get Married

How to Get Married in Harvest Moon Light of Hope

The newest entry in the Harvest Moon series has arrived, letting players create their very own farm and live out life in a quaint little town. Like most Harvest Moon games, there’s a ton of options for how you can live out your days, and that even includes getting married and having children.

After successfully restoring the lighthouse, you’ll be able to marry your chosen sweetheart, although there’s a long list of steps you’ll need to complete first. After all, love is never easy, right? We’ll help walk you through how to get married in Harvest Moon Light of Hope. Each step will be listed one after another.

  • Four Note Events – The first thing you need to do in Light of Hope is see all four of your chosen sweetheart’s Note Events, and get all four of their notes. You can see how to romance each bachelor and bachelorette right here.
  • Giant House – The next step you need is to have upgraded your house to a Giant House. You can purchase this upgrade via Doc’s Architects after you’ve upgraded to a Large House. However, to do this, you’ll need the following materials: Hardwood Lumber x50, Great Cotton Candy Wool x5, Adamantite x3. Cotton Sheep will become available after restoring the lighthouse, and you can get Cotton Candy Wool from them.
  • Blue Feather – If you’ve played a previous Harvest Moon game, you’ll know that a Blue Feather is required for a marriage proposal. While Blue Birds are rare, you’ll have a chance to nab a Blue Feather after you’ve upgraded to a Giant House. Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll have a dream in which you see a Blue Bird, and the next day Rowan will wake you up and instruct you to visit the beach after 6PM on a sunny night. Do just that, and you’ll trigger an event to get the feather.
  • Wedding Dress and Tuxedo – Once you’ve actually proposed, the wedding planning will kick into gear, and you’ll need the proper attire. Head to Gus’ Smithy and talk to Melanie and she’ll give you a list of materials she needs to make a tuxedo and wedding dress, which is as follows: Orichalcum Ore x3, Cotton Candy Wool x2, Great Silky Fur x2. After you’ve given her the materials, it’ll take about a week to complete the outfits, but make sure you plan before picking them up. Once you pick up the outfits, the wedding will be set for exactly one week out, so make sure you don’t accidentally put it on an important date.
  • Wedding Day – This is the easy part, you’ve completed all the work so now just kick back and enjoy the wedding. Of course, it’ll take up the entire day, which means no work will happen on your farm.

That’s all you need to know for getting hitched in Harvest Moon Light of Hope. For more tips and guides on the game, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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