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Detroit Become Human: How to Find Graffiti for Jericho (Markus)


Detroit Become Human: How to Find Graffiti for Jericho (Markus)

How to Find All Graffiti Spots to Get to Jericho as Markus in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human will eventually lead Markus to search for a safe haven named Jericho. There’s really not much other information to go by, just that it’s where Deviants can live free. You’ll only have graffiti to go by on your quest to find it in Detroit Become Human. You’ll need to follow this by pressing L2 and seeing what images you’re on the lookout for. Or you can just use this guide. Your choice. There’s always a choice. Here they are, keep in mind that you need to scan the wall with the graffiti using R2 and that you’re searching for a hashtag looking symbol.

All Graffiti Spots Locations in Detroit Become Human

  • For the first graffiti, you need to scan (R2) the wall to your immediate left when you step off the train.
  • Next, you’ll head down the escalators and go straight ahead to get to the wall with the lions and the next two symbols you need to scan.
  • Then, you’ll cross the street and be on the lookout for a rainbow wall on a building which will have the two hashtags.
  • After that, you’ll head straight ahead down the sidewalk and be on the lookout for a small fence. Look for robots along the wall behind the fence. You’re going to need Markus to cross under this fence and remove the wood covering the third robot with the hashtag.
  • Next, continue through this back alley way until you see the wall with the white faces above you. You need to climb up to get the symbols there which means pushing the dumpster to an adequate position.
  • Continue through the roof, jump the gap, and make it to some abandoned looking area to get the Sparkle City graffiti.
  • And finally, reconstruct the correct path to get inside the abandoned factory and you’ll need to arrange the pillars in the middle of the open room to form the image of the hashtag symbol out for you to scan.

Once you reach where you need to be, you’ll get a cutscene of course. There’s some cool leap of faith action coming up. If you’d like to see it visually, you can check out the video guide of this here.

That’s all there is to the graffiti portion of your search for Jericho. Markus has quite the destiny ahead of him. If you need more help with Detroit Become Human, let us know in the comments down below. Alternatively, check out our comprehensive wiki for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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