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Detroit Become Human: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?


Detroit Become Human: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Co-Op Multiplayer in Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human is another game from Quantic Dream, a studio primarily known for single-player, story-driven games. Games like Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls, have you make choices throughout the game that will impact your ending. Detroit Become Human features this as well, as your ending, and even the fate of certain characters in the game is dependent on the choices that you make. Some players might be wondering though if this time around you can bring a friend along for the ride via co-op multiplayer. After all, the game does allow you to play as multiple characters, maybe a friend can get involved in that way somehow? A Way Out proved that something like that could be done.

Sadly, we have bad news for those who were looking forward to the possibility of co-op multiplayer. Like the other Quantic Dream games, and most adventure-like games in general, this game does not have co-op multiplayer at all. It’s a single-player game through and through.

That does it for whether or not there is co-op multiplayer in Detroit Become Human. For more guides and FAQs answered on Detroit Become Human for the PS4, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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