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Dauntless: How to Jump


Dauntless: How to Jump

How to Jump in Dauntless

Anytime you get a game in which your character can run around and explore, one of the first things people want to do is jump around. Even if it doesn’t actually do anything useful, people just love jumping around for whatever reason. I’ll never understand why, developers probably think it’s annoying too, but for as long as there are video games, there will be people who insist on hopping around everywhere they go like crazy people. Luckily for all you loose cannons, you can indeed jump in Dauntless, too.

Jumping in Dauntless does actually help a little bit with getting you up to higher places that would be difficult to climb otherwise. To jump in Dauntless, simply press F, and you’ll do a sad little hop. It’s not all that helpful but, like we said, it does make a difference in trying to make it up ledges that would be inaccessible if you didn’t hop up a little. That’s all you need to know!

Dauntless is now out on open beta for PC, and is free to play with optional microtransactions. If you decide to give it a go, good luck slaying behemoths in the shattered isles!

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