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Conan Exiles: How to Get Raw Ash


Conan Exiles: How to Get Raw Ash

How to Get Raw Ash in Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles allows players to create their very own barbarian, and then sends them off, totally nude, into a brutal prehistoric landscape filled with deadly environments and formidable beasts. There’s a huge level of customization throughout the game’s systems. Players can choose the race, gender, build and physical attributes of their character, and can pursue a number of different skill paths. The game features an extensive crafting system, in which players can build weapons, armor and even interior decorations from gathered resources. It’s possible to create dyes, enchantments and stat buffs from even the most basic of materials. One such material is Raw Ash, which can be used to make White Dye and Potent Compost. It’s incredibly useful stuff, especially for farming purposes and is definitely something you should consider stocking up on. Here’s how to get Raw Ash in Conan Exiles:

There are a few mining hot spots to consider when collecting Raw Ash in Conan Exiles. The first are the various volcanic areas which were recently introduced into the game. You’ll also receive raw Ash when farming other materials, like Obsidian, around these regions. Looking for Obsidian Rock should be a priority, as you’ll likely find more Raw Ash this way. There is a cluster of Obsidian Rock just North East of the Black Keep. You won’t need to use any special farming methods to obtain it, just make sure you bring a pickaxe along with you. You only need two raw Ash in order to craft one potent compost, so you shouldn’t need too much to use effectively on your farm.

Now that Conan Exiles is out as a fully-fledged release, we’re adding a ton of new guide content to help you out. For everything Conan Exiles related, be sure to head over to our wiki guide.

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