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Survivor: What Ponderosa Is


Survivor: What Ponderosa Is

What Ponderosa Is in Survivor

Survivor is a popular reality TV show currently airing on CBS. The show is now in its 36th season, and the Ghost Island gimmick is back. This time, however, the theme centers around mistakes made by past players, and we get to see the return of unused idols and secret advantages from previous seasons. One of the more notable ones includes the plaque idols that James had in Survivor season 8, China, which he ended up going home with after getting blindsided by his alliance. As is the case with each season of Survivor, every episode sees a castaway being voted off their tribe. After the two tribes merge midway into the season, the castaways who get voted off will go to Ponderosa instead.

Ponderosa is a separate island where the castaways get to congregate before they’re eventually called back to serve as tribal jury and determine who wins the game at the end of the season.

If your favorite castaway gets voted out after the merge, the Ponderosa video series gives viewers an opportunity to catch up with them outside the game and see what they’ve been doing and how they feel about events so far. The Ponderosa videos can be viewed at the official CBS website, but do be careful of title spoilers if you aren’t caught up with the current season just yet.

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