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God of War: Who the Stranger Is (Spoilers)


God of War: Who the Stranger Is (Spoilers)

Who the Stranger Is in God of War

Very early on in God of War, Kratos will find himself attacked by a man known only as the Stranger. Just like Kratos, he seems to possess overwhelming physical strength, and he’s clearly not just any ol’ mortal you can beat up with your fists.

Be warned that we’re about to spoil the Stranger’s identity in the game. If you don’t want any spoilers about who he is and what he’s got to do with Kratos’ story, don’t read on.



The Stranger’s real name is Baldur. As you might have already suspected, he’s related to Thor and Odin. However, the real question is, who’s his mother? Well, in a surprising twist of events, the game later reveals that his mother is actually Freya, the witch that you encounter in the woods who serves as an invaluable ally to both Kratos and Atreus.

It is later revealed that Freya had given Baldur (The Stranger) the gift (or curse, as he sees it) of immortality, which prevented him from feeling anything at all. Baldur resented her for this, and while he told her to leave him initially, Baldur resolved to kill her the next time he saw her again. For most of God of War’s duration, Baldur is on a mission for Odin to hunt down Kratos and Atreus, and you’ll have multiple encounters with him throughout the story.

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