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God of War: How to Get All Muspelheim Cipher Fragments (Trilingual Trophy)


God of War: How to Get All Muspelheim Cipher Fragments (Trilingual Trophy)

How to Get All Muspelheim Cipher Fragments (Trilingual Trophy)

Spoiler Warning: Though the Muspelheim Cipher Fragments themselves aren’t a God of War spoiler, we will talk about something to do with them that some players could consider a spoiler. If you’d rather enjoy God of War spoiler-free in its entirety, we suggest turning back now.

Muspelheim Cipher Fragments are one of the many different collectibles in God of War, granting players a small distraction from all the other engrossing things to see and do in the land of the Norse gods. Gathering all four of these fragments will allow you to enter the realm of fire, as well as unlock the trophy Trilingual. Of course, these aren’t just lying around right in plain sight for Kratos to pick up. No, you’ll need to do some digging around. Here’s how to get all Muspelheim Cipher Fragments in God of War.

All Muspelheim Cipher Fragments Locations in God of War

The first of the Muspelheim Cipher Fragments can be found on the shores of the Lake of Nine dock at the Forgotten Shores. Once the water has receded, this fragment can be found in the northwest of the island. Once you see the climbable ledge, there will be a chest to your left. Open it up and grab the fragment.

The next fragment is located at the Cliffs of Raven. Head past the dead giant and you’ll see a hole that has been boarded up. Simply destroy the boards with your axe, and Atreus will go through and drop a chain for you to climb. Once you’ve climbed up, the chest will be on your left. That’s two down, two to go!

The third of the Muspelheim Cipher Fragments in God of War is located in the caves that connect the Lake of Nine to the Foothills. You’ll enter a tower, head right, pass two green gas dispensers, and then you’ll drop down into a hole. You will see a chest in a cloud of green gas, but don’t just go walking aimlessly into it. Freeze the gas to open the chest and get the fragment.

The fourth and final fragment is located in the Witch’s cave. An elevator will take you up, and there will be a red resin to your right. You’ll need to clear this, so have Atreus shoot it with his bow. Once that’s done, head down the hallway, turn left, and the final chest containing the Muspelheim Cipher Fragment will be inside.

And there you have it, all four of the Muspelheim Cipher Fragments in God of War. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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