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God of War: Is it HDR Compatible?


God of War: Is it HDR Compatible?

Is God of War HDR Compatible?

God of War has finally arrived on the PS4. Players will have to get reacquainted with their old friend Kratos, now a father and a slightly less angry dude. As you explore the Norse environment that he finds himself in, you’ll likely notice the stunning vistas and panoramic views that litter the game. While we know that the game can run in a 2160p resolution on the PS4 Pro thanks to its extra horsepower, some players may be wondering if it’s also HDR compatible.

For those unaware of what this abbreviation is, it stands for High Dynamic Range and is related to the colors your TV or display can output. It allows for brighter, more vivid, and true-to-life colors being displayed on your screen compared to a regular display. As such, HDR can really help to make games pop, and it’s definitely the case with God of War.

If you’ve got a High Dynamic Range-enabled TV and have the setting enabled on your PS4, you’ll be able to enjoy God of War in all of its HDR glory. This doesn’t require a PS4 Pro, by the way; any and all PS4 systems have the option baked into its system settings.

That’s all you need to know about whether or not God of War is HDR compatible. For more on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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