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God of War: How to Destroy Glowing Red Orbs (World Tree Sap)


God of War: How to Destroy Glowing Red Orbs (World Tree Sap)

How to Destroy Glowing Red Orbs (World Tree Sap) in God of War

While exploring Midgard in the brand new God of War game, you will eventually come across pathways blocked by branches that are being held together by these glowing red orbs. No matter how much you try to attack them, you won’t be able to break through. However, you will find a way to bypass these obstacles as you continue to play through the main story missions of God of War. After reaching a certain point in God of War’s story, you’ll be given new shock arrows that can be used to destroy those red orbs, which are known as World Tree Sap.

Whenever you run into those glowing red orbs, simply fire a shock arrow and it’ll explode, clearing a pathway for you. However, you might not always find those glowing orbs on the red obstacles. In cases like these, you’ll need to look for a World Tree Sap source nearby. It’ll be glowing red, and Kratos can grab it and throw it at the obstacles. After doing so, you can fire off a shock arrow at the Sap, and it’ll explode to destroy the obstacles.

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