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15 Best Metroidvania Games You Can Play Now


15 Best Metroidvania Games You Can Play Now

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Shadow Complex Remastered

Best Metroidvania Games You Can Play Now

Shadow Complex, Remastered, release, PS4, Steam

Shadow Complex Remastered is a bridge between Orson Scott Card’s award-winning Empire and Hidden Empire novels. Who knew a game about a guy who wants to rescue his girlfriend from an evil militaristic group and discovers advanced technology, evil plots, and all the other story beats we have come to expect from video games would be so important to understanding the narrative of a novel?

In all seriousness, Shadow Complex Remastered plays like a cross between Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Players gain levels to increase health and attack power, and they also find new weapons, items, and abilities that give the game a real sense of progression. By the end of Shadow Complex Remastered, you will feel like a one-man army.

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