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Sea of Thieves: Where the First Outpost Is


Sea of Thieves: Where the First Outpost Is

First Outpost in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves, the new pirate ship open world exploration game from Rare, is finally available on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. The game allows you sail the seas with up to three other players, and you can visit various outposts to sell your loot and buy new gear and ship upgrades.

If you’re wondering where and when you can get to the first outpost in the game, the answer is fairly straightforward. As soon as you boot up the game and choose your pirate to start setting sail with, you’ll start off in the very first outpost. This outpost is called Galleon’s Grave Outpost, and it’s located around the northeastern part of the map, which you can check on your ship anytime. There are various other outposts in the world of Sea of Thieves, and you can identify them simply by looking out for the word “outpost” in their names.

From here, you’ll be able to claim new voyages, turn in your chests, check in with the Shipwright Shop, and make your preparations before setting sail again. However, do note that other pirates can still kill you even when you’re in an outpost.

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