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Sea of Thieves: How to Fix No Gold for Chest Error


Sea of Thieves: How to Fix No Gold for Chest Error

How to Fix No Gold for Chest Error in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is the open world pirate game developed by Rare. The game launched on March 20 and sees players teaming up to collect treasure, shoot cannons and sail the open seas. It has a heavy emphasis on cooperative play, with simple actions like reading a map often requiring help from other players. There were a couple of betas available for players before launch, designed to iron out any issues before release day. Unfortunately, there have been several bugs which seem to have carried over from the testing phase. One in particular sees players not receiving rewards for the chests that they turn in. Obviously, receiving gold for the chests you find is a fundamental part of the experience, seeing as gold is used to buy items.

Luckily, most players experiencing this issue just have to wait for the servers to update before the gold is credited to their character. This works with any XP that is owed for completing quests too. If the gold is nowhere to be seen after the server updates, then players are encouraged to submit an official report to Rare, which can be done by visiting the link here. After that, it’s just a matter of waiting for the issue to be resolved.

Sea of Thieves features a huge world filled with islands, ports, and a huge ocean. The game is being published by Microsoft and allows players to live out their wackiest pirate fantasies. You can shoot players out of cannons, sing sea shanties, and get drunk on grog. The game is currently available free for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass, which offers up first-party titles as part of a subscription service.

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