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FFXIV Patch 4.25: How to Unlock Forbidden Land of Eureka


FFXIV Patch 4.25: How to Unlock Forbidden Land of Eureka

Unlocking Forbidden Land of Eureka in FFXIV

Patch 4.25 has finally dropped in FFXIV, and it’s a pretty big one. With this patch comes the inclusion of the Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos. Just like the Diadem before it, Eureka is a large island that supports up to 144 players in a single instance. While here, your item level will be adjusted to 300, and you’ll be able to farm the monsters for crystals that allow you to craft stronger Eureka gear. However, do note that you need to be level 70, and you need to have completed the Stormblood main scenario quests.

To enter Eureka, speak to Galiena at Rhalgr’s Reach to start the quest ‘And We Shall Call It Eureka.’ She will then tell you to meet up with Krile at Kugane. Head there and follow the quest marker to view a cutscene. After that, head to the pier for another cutscene, and you’ll gain access to the island.

Whenever you want to go to the island, you’ll have to speak to Rodney at the pier, who has the title of Expedition Ferryman, similar to the Palace of the Dead NPC in the Shroud. You can enter alone, or in a party with up to eight players. If entering as a party, all players need to be in Kugane when you register.

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