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Far Cry 5: Ending Explained, What Happened


Far Cry 5: Ending Explained, What Happened

Far Cry 5’s Ending Explained, What Happened

Far Cry 5 is the latest entry into Ubisoft’s first-person action adventure series. It centers around a cult in America this time around, throwing the player into the fictional region of Hope County Montana. The big bad in Far Cry 5 is Joseph Seed, a man who has brainwashed a whole town, spouting warnings of an impending apocalypse. There are actually two main endings available in Far Cry 5 (not counting the secret ending of course), we’ll touch on what both mean. So what exactly happened at the end of Far Cry 5? Here’s the ending explained.


Far Cry 5’s Resist Ending Explained

This ending sees the player neutralizing Seed and preparing to load him into the police car. While Seed is talking, a nuclear bomb detonates on the horizon and the group quickly loads into the car and tries to make it to Dutch’s bunker. The car crashes and the player is pulled from the wreckage and brought to the bunker. It is revealed that Joseph Seed is the one who has brought the player there, and the two of them wait out the bomb in the bunker, with Seed proclaiming that they are, in fact, his new family now.

Now there are multiple ways to interpret the ending here. The first is that Joseph Seed was right all along and genuinely foresaw a nuclear apocalypse, making his efforts to round up and protect as many people as possible a genuinely noble one. This would also mean that he is a prophet sent from God to warn the righteous of doomsday. This trail of thought leads us to believe that it is the player who is, in fact, the bad guy, leading to the entirety of Hope County perishing in nuclear fire. There’s very little indication as to whether this is true, however, what with there being another, very likely possibility.

This other possibility is that Joseph Seed is responsible for the nuclear bomb going off. There is never a mention of other bombs in other areas, so it is very possible that Seed merely detonated it as a last-ditch attempt to prove he was right all along. It would be a contingency plan in that case, but does serve to validate his own claims, something which a guy like Joseph is totally likely to do.

Either way, Hope Valley, along with all of your pals, are dead (and sadly that includes Boomer too, Jesus) and it’s either completely your fault, or the workings of a maniacal cult leader who acted to validate his own views of the world. It’s very much left up to interpretation, let us know what you think happened, in the comments below.

Far Cry 5’s Walk Away Ending Explained

During the final mission of Far Cry 5, the player is given the option to walk away from Hope County, and leave well enough alone. Doing so will trigger a cutscene in which the Sheriff and his crew drive out of the area. The Sheriff turns on the radio which just so happens to be playing the song that Joseph Seed brainwashed Rook with. The screen goes red then fades away, implying that Rook was triggered to attack those in the car.

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