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Far Cry 5: Where to Find the Alien Objects (Close Encounters Mission)


Far Cry 5: Where to Find the Alien Objects (Close Encounters Mission)

Where to Find the Alien Objects (Close Encounters Mission) in Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 takes the series to American shores this time around, concerning itself with crazed cultists and ferocious wolverines over the usual, more tropical norm. It’s still a Far Cry game though, which means plenty of zany and downright ludicrous missions, featuring moments that must be seen to be believed. One such mission sees the player embarking on a quest to search for aliens. The alien quest-line features four quests given out by Larry, who can be found at Parker Laboratories in John Seed’s territory. Once you speak to him, he’ll send you on the first mission, titled Free Larry. The mission we’re concerned with here though is actually the third on in the alien quest-line, called Close Encounters. Close Encounters tasks players with collecting four hidden alien objects around a crop circle. Here’s how to find them:

  • The first of the alien objects in Far Cry 5 can be found in a small area surrounded by turkeys, you can’t miss it. Scare away the turkeys and collect the item.
  • The second of the alien objects is found by listening for a dog barking. Locate the dog, who will be holding the object in his mouth. Chase him around for a bit and he’ll drop it. Easy.
  • The third is perched at the top of the largest silo in the area. Now, you’ll have to climb the smaller silo and use the rooftops to reach the large one. Climb up to the top and you’ll find the object in the middle of a bird’s nest.
  • To round off your collection of alien objects in Far Cry 5, you’ll need to look for a small cultist camp in the crop circle field. It’s not too difficult to miss, so take out the cultists and retrieve the final piece.

Once you’ve collected all four alien objects, you’ll be onto the next mission and one step closer to getting the alien weapon you want so badly.

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