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Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Plunderblade

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Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Plunderblade

How to Get the Plunderblade in Monster Hunter World

The Plunderblade is a tool your Palico can use in Monster Hunter World to knock off rare resources from the monsters you frequently fight against in the game. Teeth, claws, and more can drop so long as your cat companion has the item handy, yielding up to 15 pieces per enemy if you’re lucky. It’s such an important item to have that one could potentially half the amount of time needed to farm, meaning you’ll be getting your next set of armor or deadly new weapon significantly sooner in Monster Hunter World. Here’s how to get the Plunderblade in Monster Hunter World.

  • Complete the first 14 main story missions.
  • Talk to the Lynian Researcher in area 13 of the Bowels of the Vale and make sure you have raw meat before doing so.
  • Wander off for a bit until an Odogaron shows up with a corpse.
  • Go back to the Researcher to find a Plunderer Grimalkyne.
  • Head to area 15.
  • Leave a piece of raw meat on the ground to lure the beast back.
  • Approach the Grimalkyne slowly and you’ll get the Plunderblade.

For starters, you’ll need to have progressed past the 14th assigned quest in the main story, Into the Bowels of the Vale, in order to gain access to the lower levels of said area. Once you’ve traveled here, head to Lynian Researcher in area 13 of your map. If he’s not there, don’t worry. You can try finding him in other random areas of the New World or try fulfilling some requests on behalf of the Commission Researchers and the local tribes.

It’s worth noting that once the Lynian Researcher does appear, you should have some pieces of raw meat on your person. Talk to the man and wander off for a bit until a Odogaron drags a Legiana corpse down to this area. Return here to find a Plunderer Grimalkyne confronting the Lynian Researcher. The monster should run off once you arrive and when it does, check your map to discover a new icon in area 15. Don’t worry, you’ve almost got the Plunderblade in Monster Hunter World.

Go to this place and spot the Grimalkyne running away again. Your Palico will comment about how it thinks the monster looks hungry, so leave a chunk of meat on the ground in the middle of the room to entice the beast to come back along with a couple of friends. Waiting by the mouth of the tunnel you came from should be a safe distance for the creatures to show up.

When you approach the Grimalkyne as it’s feeding, it won’t run away from you. In fact, it’ll thank you by giving you and your Palico that coveted Plunderblade you’re after. Rejoice, as your life in Monster Hunter World just got a whole lot easier.

That’s all you need to know about getting the Plunder Blade in Monster Hunter World. For more on Monster Hunter World, be sure to check out our wiki.


Question: How do you get the Plunderblade in Monster Hunter World?

Answer: Complete the first 14 main missions to unlock Bowels of the Vale. Head to area 13 and talk to the Researcher and wait for the Odogaron to show up. Talk to the Researcher again, then go to area 15. Use raw meat to entice the Grimalkyne, then talk to it to get the Plunderblade.

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