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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Where to Find the Bandit Camp (Nest of Vipers Quest Guide)


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Where to Find the Bandit Camp (Nest of Vipers Quest Guide)

Where to Find the Bandit Camp in the Nest of Vipers Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Nest of Vipers is one of the main quests you’ll need to complete if you want to reach the end of Kingdom Come Deliverance. This quest tasks you with locating a bandit camp with the help of Timmy’s directions. Unfortunately, it can still be pretty easy to lose your way and get completely lost, so let’s give you a hand.

First off, make sure you’ve actually spoken to Timmy who can be found in Talmberg. If you haven’t, the first waypoint that we’ll be starting from to reach the bandit camp won’t appear on your map in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

After speaking with Timmy, you should now have a waypoint taking you north to a woodcutter’s camp. Follow this and you’ll be told to “Go to the fork with the ruined cabin.” For this, continue on the road that should take you in a northwest direction. Eventually, you’ll reach a fork in the road, and you’ll want to take a left. Continue on and take yet another left when you reach another fork to continue making your way towards the bandit camp.

Soon enough, you’ll come to a crossroads as you head in a westerly direction. There’s also a big flat rock here, so look out for that if you’ve got a little lost in the woods. Continue to follow the winding road and eventually you’ll discover Pribyslavitz (aka, the bandit camp) in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

From there on out, it’s down to you to complete the Nest of Vipers quest. Or, you can continue following our directions in our full Nest of Vipers quest guide for Kingdom Come Deliverance here. Good luck out there on your quest for revenge, readers!

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