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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Speed Up Time (Change Day & Night)


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Speed Up Time (Change Day & Night)

How to Speed Up Time in Dynasty Warriors 9 (Change Day & Night)

Dynasty Warriors 9 has a massive, open world for you to explore. It even comes with a day and night cycle, now, and events will happen that change as time passes on by. While you’ll have plenty to do to keep you busy, maybe you just want it to be day time again? Maybe you’re a bit spooked by the night, okay? Well, don’t worry, here’s how you can speed up and pass the time in Dynasty Warriors 9.

When you want to wait out the time to change what hour it is in Dynasty Warriors 9, you can simply head to a bonfire. If you don’t see the icon (looks like a little campfire) on your map, climb a watchtower to expand your horizons a bit. When you do have one on your map, though, go to it and press X if you’re on Xbox One or Square if you’re on PS4. Once you do this, you’ll be asked whether you want to Cook or Advance Time. Choose Advance Time and you’ll have a selection of different times to choose from: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night.

Alternatively, you can Advance Time by talking to the tea master at the tea house in any major city that you might be exploring, or by heading to a hideaway that you’ve purchased and sleeping in the bed. Your health will be all healed up, and you’ll have lost hours of your life in Dynasty Warriors 9.

That’s really all there is to it. Keep in mind that you can do this whenever you’re waiting for some specific time of the day or night. It’s very smart to switch up the time to night if you’re planning on attacking some bases or castles, as soldiers will be less likely to expect your attack then.

If you need any more help with Dynasty Warriors 9, let us know in the comments down below and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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